Consignment Terms expire after 90 days. Payment Terms expire after one year. 


You are entitled to 40% of the final selling price of the item/s you consign. Our portion covers shelf space and rent, as well additional labor for price negotiating, record-keeping, customer service, bookkeeping, and check processing expenses.

Damage / Theft:
We will do our best to safeguard your items, but we are not responsible for damage or loss.

Discounting of items:
Without warning we may discount your consigned item/s in the event of a sales promotion, or damage that has occurred in the store, or upon evaluating additional imperfections that were not seen upon initial inspection. Outside of those considerations, we may also discount your items by as much as 30% during the 90 day period. If we choose to hold on to your consigned item/s after the 90 day period, we may discount further.

Unsold consignment:
After 90 days we expect you to pick up any unsold consignment item/s. If you have not picked them up from us after 90 days, we reserve the right to properly dispose of or donate the item/s to a charity of our choosing.


Required Action:
You must check in about your sold consignment in order to receive payment. We encourage you to stay on top of it by calling or emailing us once a month to see what has sold, and confirm how you would like to receive payment. If you have consigned a batch of several items we will send out a check after more than three items, or more than $80 worth of merchandise has sold, whichever threshold is achieved first.

Receiving Payment:
We are often able to issue up to $25 cash at the store counter after your consigned item/s sell, and we are always able to let you use that money towards any Flying Squirrel purchase. However, in most circumstances the store clerk will tally up your sold items, calculate the total owed to you, and issue a "check request" to our bookkeeper. This includes your full name and current address. Please provide this information or confirm that what we have on file is correct. The bookkeeper will then send you a check in the mail within two weeks of receiving the request. If more than a month has gone by, please get back in touch.

Expiration of Payment Terms:
The Payment Terms of this agreement expire in exactly one year from the date of consigning your item/s. If you have not made payment collection arrangements we cannot be held liable to send money for any sold consignment item/s after one year. We urge you to be proactive.