We are buying for summer! Summer Buying Hours:  Call for appointment

we don’t have special buying hours from June 21 through August. Just give us a call when you want to come in. (718) 218-7775. Thank you!

Flying squirrel is a kid's store with style! We offer unique new items for gifts but are known for our specially curated second hand and consignment sections which include toys, books and clothing.  Every second hand and consignment item is hand picked by store owner, Kate. She is interested in items that are...

  • in great condition,

  • have a stylistic flair

Flying Squirrel has become a wonderful expression of Kate's experience both as a mother and in the industry. 

Selling to the Store

If you have some items that you think would work well in our shop please come on down!! We pick out the items we think will sell and price them how we feel they will sell best in the store. From the pricing we set, you receive 50% of that total in trade. You will receive the store credit that very day. 

Your potential buy cannot be left at the store. If a buyer is not present when you come in, we will have to ask you to take your items with you. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Using trade:  Trade is your best bet if you enjoy shopping in our store. You will receive a store credit immediately upon selling your clothing, and it will never expire. You can only use your trade on second hand items. It does not work for new or consignment items.

Consignment: You will receive 40% of the final selling price of the consigned item/s after they sell. If you choose this arrangement you must agree to the terms and conditions stated on our Flying Squirrel Consignment Agreement.

Selling criteria:  Clothing for under 2 years must look like new.  We can't accept clothing with pilling from the drier, any kind of stain or anything that needs to be repaired.  We don't take shoes with laces for this size, and we generally don't need basic clothing for this age.  We are looking for nicer brands.  We don't take any brand from Target, Toys R us or similar box stores.  We don't take any clothing with the brand name on the front….Even if it's Christian LaCroix.  The sizes we need the most range between 2T and 10Yrs.  We buy up to size 14 or 16 or even maternity if it's something special.

We buy toys, books and equipment! Please be aware that over the years we have found we cannot sell (or take in) certain items.


Anything for bath, bedding or feeding or that is upholstered - this includes stuffed animals, teething toys, mattresses and activity mats and the like. And we have no luck with expensive electronics. We can help you to recycle these items if you have no one to give them to.